Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize

Swami Sivananda Saraswati



Breathwork for Health, Harmony and Vitality

This Yoga-based Breathwork practice is meant for everyone who wishes to regain a more natural and harmonious way of breathing, thus enhancing all aspects of health and wellness. Many people have lost their natural way of breathing due to stress, anxiety, trauma or psychosomatic ailments. This Breathwork practice is designed to re-calibrate and re-harmonize our breathing, which in turn has many positive effects on our overall health and well-being. It is not necessary to have a yoga background to attend these Breathwork sessions.

Mind-Body Harmonization and Rejuvenation (see Holistic Health link)

Mindfulness Training (1-2 day workshop )

The Mindfulness Training Workshop caters to educators, holistic health professionals and lay people and is designed to help expand awareness, improve concentration, and enhance relationship skills, relaxation, creativity and intuition. The meditation techniques and awareness practices taught in the Workshop are drawn from authentic yoga and meditation traditions, having stood the test of time and of scientific experimentation. The Mindfulness Training Workshop is always custom-tailored to the particular needs of the trainee group. The Workshop can be offered in segments or as a residential program spanning several days. The Workshop is addressed to people who are based in Europe.

Journey through the Chakras (2 day workshop)

This workshop is designed to give you an experiential understanding of the chakras. The exploration of the seven main psychoenergetic centers of the subtle body draws on traditional tantric yoga (kundalini tantra) and includes diverse methods for awakening and harmonizing the chakras, such as breathwork (pranayama), sound (mantra), concentration (dharana) and yoga postures (asanas). The workshop is aimed at participants who already have some familiarity with yoga (at least the practice of asanas and pranayama). The workshop will give you methods that you can use afterwards to deepen your own exploration of the chakras.

Tantric Yoga – The Yoga of Transformation (2 day workshop)

Tantric Yoga (Kundalini Tantra), the Yoga of the inner fire of purification and transformation, is dedicated to the sacred Shiva-Shakti, or consciousness-energy principle with a view to freeing us from our self-imposed limitations that hinder the full expression of all that we are and can be. Plenitude, harmony, vitality, creativity, spaciousness, joy, and the ability to flow with life are some of the fruits of the Yoga of Transformation. This workshop draws from different dimensions of Yoga within a tantric context. An important aspect of Tantric Yoga is the harmonization of the seven main Chakras (subtle energy and psychic centers) and the purification of the Five Elements (earth, water, fire, air, and ether/space) within our Being. Kundalini Kriyas (including bandhas and mudras) are also important because they help to purify and transmute the lower into the higher in a process of inner alchemy. Since this work goes deeper than conventional Hatha Yoga, a certain amount of diligence and a willingness to do inner work is commendable.

Ayurvedic Yoga (1-2 day practice seminar)

Ayurvedic Yoga uses the insights and tools of Ayurveda (an ancient holistic healing discipline) to make one´s yoga practice more appropriate to one´s needs and one´s personal constitution (according to Ayurveda, there are three basic constitutions and combinations of these). The seminar focuses on the basic principles of Ayurveda and their applications to Yoga. The therapeutic dimension of Yoga is especially emphasized.

Yoga and the Art of Living (1-2 day seminar)

This seminar addresses a range of themes concerning the relationship between Yoga and the Art of Living. The fruits of Yoga are experienced in daily life, and daily life can become an expression of Yoga. The yogi uses life but is not used by life: daily life becomes an opportunity for mindfulness, poise, graciousness, creativity, harmony and plenitude to manifest. The art of yogic living can be practised in all circumstances, from the most difficult to the most exalted. Daily life is both the acid test and the source of inspiration for the yogi. The seminar will include a range of yoga practices, activities and guided meditations that have direct bearing on the art of living.

Introduction to Meditation Practice (1 day)

An introduction to the why´s and how´s of meditation, considered by yogis to be the alpha and omega of the path of awakening. As meditation cannot, strictly speaking, be taught, the emphasis is on providing practical tips that can “point the way” for the beginning meditator. The many potential obstacles for the beginning meditator will be discussed, and guided meditations will be done to help the student in establishing a personal practice.

Meditative Arts (1 day)

This Workshop is a vehicle for integrating meditative awareness into the creative process. The medium used may be one of the visual arts, movement/dance, and/or music-making. The emphasis is on creative improvisation in a meditative spirit, and on the collective process in the Tao of creation.

The Art of Living in Peace (2 day workshop)

This two-day practice seminar is a true milestone in Peace Education. It was recognized by UNESCO as the only pedagogically well-founded peace education module in existence. Designed by psychologist and educator Dr. Pierre Weil, it articulates the three dimensions of peace in both theory and practice- inner peace (I), collective peace (we), and peace with the environment. The module draws its methodology from both Eastern wisdom and Western psychology, and is a compelling process of (self)discovery that is pedagogically challenging and experientially rich.

If you wish to request the holding of any of the above seminars/workshops, there should be a minimum of 8 registered participants. Please contact SatyaLife for details.